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Faire La Fête - The Original Champagne® from Limoux, France

Faire La Fête - The Original Champagne® from Limoux, France

Faire La Fête - The Original Champagne® from Limoux, France

Faire La Fête - The Original Champagne® from Limoux, France

Tiburon Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month - April 2022


Tiburon based First Growth Brands, Inc. and its sparkling wine brand, Faire La Fête, is a direct to consumer sparkling wine company that quite literally means “to throw a party!” The brand which recently planted its roots in Tiburon, is all about joy – bringing joy, opening joy, creating joy – and at less than $25 a bottle, any reason is a good reason to celebrate.


Faire La Fête is a french sparkling wine brand from Limoux, the birthplace of sparkling wine. The grapes for Faire La Fête are hand-harvested by 8th generation families for 15-18 months and both the Brut and Brut Rosé are made in the traditional way, developed by the monks in the abbeys of Limoux in the 1530s. The bell that appears on Faire La Fête packaging represents the abbey bell towers of Limoux, paying homage to the brand's history. With less than half the sugar of Prosecco, Faire La Fête is not only delicious but a healthier choice for those who prefer sparkling wine.


Top locations such as Michael Mina’s Bungalow Kitchen in Tiburon, the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles and Bobby Van’s in New York are serving Faire La Fête by-the-glass. And it has become the number one French Sparkling in the sub $50 category in Albertsons-Vons-Pavilions, the 2nd-largest grocery chain by market share in Southern California. An exciting recent development in the evolution of the company is that as of this month, Faire La Fête is now available directly to consumers.


Speaking from the company’s frugal headquarters above the Boardwalk Shopping Center in downtown Tiburon, First Growth Brands CEO Edward Holl said, “Over the past two decades, cheap Prosecco became the dominant imported sparkling in the US, with its lead brand La Marca selling as much as the entire Champagne region combined. That’s because the average American can’t afford the $50 entry price, or $28 by the glass price, of French champagne. So, they turned to Prosecco.”

”We decided to do something about that,” Holl continues.Our consumers love France and all things French, and we’re giving it back to them with hand-harvested Champagne, among the highest quality with half the sugar of tank-fermented Prosecco, at one third the price. With our consumers, it’s just no contest.”


When asked why Faire La Fête is headquartered in Tiburon, Holl responded, “That’s easy! I live here and walk to work. It’s a beautiful place, and goes well with our beautiful product!” 


What is next for the brand? “We aim to be Number Three in French champagne by the end of next year, by putting everyday champagne joy into the hearts of many more.”


Consumers of legal drinking age can purchase Faire La Fête directly from the website at

Follow them on Instagram @fairelafetechampagne. 

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